Cavin-Morris-gallery: Catalogue: Anna Zemánková
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  “Ritualization was typical of Ms. Zemánková’s creative process. This feature is quite common in the works of artists of her genre. […] The image, however, had not been preconceived in detail. It evolved later, while she was actually drawi...read more
   Flash ART : Anežka Šimková: Zářící hvězda Anny Zemánkové
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   Interview avec Christian Berst
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   Pavel Konečný: Interview with Anna Zemánková
When did you begin creating? You know, when I was seventeen, I loved to draw. Landscapes and things, I still have a few of them. I didn’t show them much. Sometimes I entered into fantasy, but only sometimes, and then not at all. Then I got married. Yes,...read more
   Philippe Godin: Hortus deliciarum
L'apparente répétition des motifs floraux dans l'œuvre d'Anna Zemankova ne contribue en rien à en faire un art décoratif. Car ses fleurs saxifrages ne poussent précisément nulle part, sauf dans les interstices de la culture... FR read more...read more
   Philippe Lespinasse - La Flore d´Anna
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   Randall Morris: The Exalted Lark: Excerpts from an Essay on Anna Zemankova
There are some rare and fortunate times in one’s life when one is allowed by intent sometimes, yet most often by fluke or by luck, to witness on some sensual level a beauty that is completely unadulterated and heart-piercingly direct... read more...read more
   Stéphane Corréard: Arts Magazine
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   Terezie Zemánková: Anna Zemánková
The Czech creator Anna Zemankova (1908–1986) is exceptional within the framework of art brut: the formal qualities of her works have not remained the same throughout her creative period but have undergone dynamic development. In the 1960s, when she st...read more